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Ceremonial Processionals & Recessionals

Creative ideas abound among the many organists who participate in various organ and church related e-mail discussion lists over the internet.  The list below is a "growing compilation" of any unique ideas for Wedding Processionals and Recessionals that have been offered by different organists over the internet.  In addition to functioning as great wedding music, several of these combinations work as creative musical solutions for various special ceremonial occasions.  Most of this music is available in several versions.  Just use the search facilities of the various online stores - click to the OnLine "24/7" page.  E-Mail any clever selections you use to
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Processionals of the louder variety  - modular - are often used in any sequence as entrance or exit:

Trumpet Voluntary - The Prince of Denmark's March - Jerimiah Clakre

Trumpet Voluntary - Sir John Stanley  - several but the one in D is popular

Trumpet Tune (and Air) - Henry Purcell

Trumpet Tune (Sinfonia from three pieces for Brass and Organ) - David N. Johnson

Rondo - Mouret (theme used for the Masterpiece Theater on PBS/BBC)

Toccata from Symphony V (C.M.Widor)

Hosanna (P.Wachs)

Rentre Triumphal (P.Wachs)

Hornpipe from the Water Music Suite (Handel)

Psalm XIX (Benedito Marcello)

Rejoicing from the Royal Fireworks (Handel)

Quieter processionals:

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)

Canon in D (Johann Pachelbel)

Wachet Auf "Sleepers Wake" (Bach)

Adagio (Thomaso Albioni)

Largo from Xerxes  (Handel)

Air (..on the G string) (Bach)

Sheep May Safely Graze (Bach)

Bist du Bei Mir (Bach)

Air from the water Music Suite (Handel)

Interesting Music Combinations seen for wedding attendants and bride:

Prelude in C major from the Eight Little Preludes and Fugues (Bach) - Psalm XIX (Benedito Marcello)

Air from the Water Music Suite (Handel) - Hornpipe from the Water Music Suite (Handel)

Air from the Water Music Suite (Handel) - Rejoicing from the Royal Fireworks (Handel)

Trompet in Dialogue (Clerambault) - Chaconne (L.Couperin) - Rondo (Mouret)

It is interesting to note the percentage of the items that are orchestral in origin available as piano, organ, or keyboard reductions. The "Trumpet Voluntary" excluded however - one often hears trumpet voluntaries on wedding music CD's played on the orchestral trumpet, yet historically the "trumpet voluntary" was a voluntary typically for the 18th century British organ featuring the trumpet stop.


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