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Organist Internet Links

- American Guild of Organists

Bach Keyboard ornaments - a table of Bach's keyboard ornaments, by Willard Palmer, from his edition of J.S. Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias, published by Alfred, adapted online with audio examples.  

Berkshire Record Outlet - click on search and enter "organ" plus whatever other search term you wish.  Many CD's are under $10.

Choir Tours - Peter's Way Tours Inc.:

Organ Christmas Tree Ornaments at

The Church Organ Trader  includes all types of organs for sale.

Church home page large listing of churches looking for musicians - typically contains many independant congregations, plus standard denominations, and a few liturgical venues.

Clasical Music Archives  - recordings in dowloadable formats.

Guide to Copyright for Music Librarians and the MLA copyright FAQ  and
the chart "When works pass into Public Domain"

United States Copyright Office Washington D.C.  and
copyright forms:

Music Degrees available from accredited colleges or universities via distance learning (internet,
Charter Oaks State College - Associate and Bachelor of Music History and Music Theory
Judson College, Marion, Alabama - B.A. in Music or Music Education offered.
Regents College - B.A. and B.S. in Muisc
Skidmore College - B.A. and B.S. in Music

Join organ oriented
E-MAIL list chat groups (listed alphabetically):

"EORG-L" - instructions at:  (electronic organs)
"NPM Users" - instructions at:  or at:  (Pastoral Musicians)
"NPM Organ" - send e-mail to:
"OrganChat" - instructions at:
"PipeChat" - instructions at:
"PIPORG-L" - instructions at:

Ear Plugs - many brands of Musician Specific Hi-Fi Ear Plugs (Ear Filters) to protect your ears and reduce sounds -20 to -25 dB without distortion or attenuation of part of the frequency spectrum - i.e. Hi-Fi sound.

Electronics - tutorial web sites about basic electronics at:  and  at:

Encyclopedia of Organ Stops

The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

The Harmonium:  The Reed Organ Society  - links to resource publications and sources of sheet music.

The Harmonium Home Page  is a fascinating of source of information about the harmonium (parlor organ, cabinet organ, or reed organ) and it's music.

Dr. John C.
Henderson's Directory of 200 web addresses of publishers of Organ Music  from Dr. Henderson's Book: "Directory of Composers for Organ, 2nd Edition 1999/2000"  listing over 550 publishers of organ music.

Historical Society and

the Organ Historical Society Catalogue .

The Care and Feeding of a Home Pipe Organ

U.S. Internal Revenue Service - - downloadable income tax forms - some organists report non-salried music income as a sole proprietor of an independently owned business. 4868 is the famous "automatic extension" to file.

See the Lego Organ (and church) in memory of "Precious" the cat.

New English texts of the Catholic Mass from the USCCB for the revised Roman Missal ttp:// 

Mirrors for Console - click on Custom Accessories at

Music - Downloadable Sheet Music - Public Domain FREE - Choral Public Domain Library

Music - Downloadable Sheet Music - Public Domain FREE - International Music Score Library Project

Music - Downloadable Sheet Music - Public Domain FREE - Sibley Library at the Eastman School of Music

Music - Downloadable Sheet Music - Legal Digital Scores FOR FEE

National Association of Pastoral Musicians' list of many "Pastoral Links" at  and the NAPM web site  -  NAPM is the organization dedicated to the education of Roman Catholic musicians and the advancement of Catholic music ministry.

The Organ and How it Works:

Pedalboards (MIDI, folding & portable) both BDO and AGO,
built by Laukhuff organ builders in Germany.

The Reed Organ Society  - links to resource publications and sources of sheet music.

Ripper" software for copying sound files off of an audio CD and converting them to MP3, on your personal computer's Music Machine - over 3,400 titles of downloadable music software.

Sheet Music Stores online - see the OnLine "24/7" Sheet Music Stores page on this web site.

Software:  FREE music writing software - Coda Music's (Finale) "NotePad" at: .  An informative comparison page between Finale and Sibelus is at:  (admittedly a little biased toward Finale, but quite objective on most points).

Organ Shoes:    

The "Time Change Song" (hymn) both Fall and Spring verses - suitable for the semi-annual Sunday daylight savings time change,
set to the hymn tune CMW RHONDDA 87.87.89, words by Dean McIntyre, 1995, music by John Hughes, 1907:

Miscellaneous Info

Lesson pricing (current Fall 2003).  Lesson pricing results for "nominal" rates from various metropolitan areas across US, from an internet discussion group thread discussing organ lesson pricing.

By the month:   $70 nominal per month with one half hour lesson each week (this equals 4 to sometimes 5 lessons per month).  This rate works out to be $17.50 per half hour lesson (an equivalent rate of $35 per hour) for usually 4 lessons per month.  The range for the same services varied from up to $100 per month and down to $60 per month.

By the lesson:  $25 per hour lesson nominal in several areas.  The range for same services also varied from $20 per half hour to $35 for the full hour.


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