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Service Music Collections

An informal survey was posted on three prominent organ e-mail discussion lists.  The query was, "Which collections  do you keep near the console, that you have used as a resource for service music or an occasional emergency item, which have functionally served you well over the years?   Typically one of these collections will be a well worn edition, frequently found within arms reach of the console, that may have even lost its cover due to long years of service."  This list is the result of replies to that survey.  Entries are alphabetically listed using the underlined word.  Collections by one composer filed under composer's name.  Collections of several composers filed under title.  Other exceptions exist to both name and title.  Use your browser's "Find" command under "Edit" (or  Ctrl-F ) to find a specific title word or composer's name.  If you don't find your favorites below, e-mail the names of collections upon which you rely to
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A Century of American Organ Music - Owen - Warner

American Church Organ Voluntaries - Organ Historical Society

An Organists Manual - Roger Davis

At the Console - Felton

J.S. Bach -  Eight Little Preludes and Fugues  Schirmer 30814 vol.1456

J.S. Bach - Orgelbuchlein - Concordia, Peters, Barenreiter

Baroque Music for Manuals  Volumes 1 - 4  ed. Drummond Wolf  - Concordia

E. Power Biggs -Treasury of Early Organ Music

E. Power Biggs - Manuals Only

E. Power Biggs - Festival Anthology

Diane Bish Christmas Book - Gentry

Daine Bish Organ Book - Gentry

Diane Bish Wedding Book - Gentry

Fred Bock - Encores Volume 1 - in honor of the life of Fred Bock

Fred Bock - Encores Volume 2 - in honor of the life of Fred Bock

Diedrich Buxtehude - Chorale-Preludes - Peters

Charles Callahan - chant based volumes

Chancel Echoes - Felton

The Church Organist's Golden Treasury - Vols. 1-3

The Church Organists Library - Vols. 1-3 - ed. Leupold - Warner

Louis Clerambault - Suites - Kalmus

Francois Couperin - Mass of the Counvents - Kalmus

Francois Couperin - Mass of the Parishes - Kalmus

Tim Doran - Unending Praise

Tim Doran - Unending Praise Two  -  several volumes

Theodore  Dubois - Seven Piecs

Theodore  Dubois - Twelve Piecs

Marcel Dupre - 79 Chorales

80 Chorales

80 Chorale Preludes from the 17th and 18th Centuries  (Hermann Keller, ed) Peters

Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B - Elevations - vols. 1 & 2

Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B - Pieces d'Orgue

Everyone's Favorite Organ Music -

Heinrich Fleischer - The Parish Organist - Volumes 1-4  - Concordia

L' Organiste - Franck - Volume 1 - Kalmus

Alexander Guilmant - The Liturgical Organist

Alexander Guilmant - The Practical Organist

Go Out with Joy - postludes compiled by Rachel Sawyer  70/1197L

Carolyn Hamlin - Worship Hymns

various Harmonium collections by Boellman, Dubois, Tournemire, Langlais, etc. - Theodore Presser?

A Wilbur Held - Funeral Volume

A Wilbur Held - Memorial Volume

Hal Hopson - Five Preludes on Familiar Hymns - Harold Flammer

Jean Langlais - 24 Pieces in Free Style

The Liturgical Organist - Carlo Rossini - Vols. 1-7

Lorenz  - Bach Made Practical for the Church Organist

Lorenz  - Handel Made Practical for the Church Organist

Lorenz  - Sacred Organ Journal - monthly subscription

Lorenz  - The Organist - monthly subscription

Lorenz - 35 Easy Offertories

Gerald Near - chant based volumes

Kevin Mayhew publications - several vols.

Organ Voluntaries - Alexander Schrieiner - Warner  - Vols. 1- 3

The Organ in Church - Frank Asper

The Organist's Companion - subscription - Warner - Leupold

Jonathan Orwig and his Evensong Publications

Flor Peeters Miniatures

Flor Peeters 39 Miniatures

Flor Peeters 60 Pieces - Beelwin Mills / Warner

Josef Rheinberger - slow movements from the Sonatas

Alan Ridout - Fourteen Stations of the Cross - Kevin Mahew

Seasonal Choral Preludes for manuals - Oxford

Georg Phillip Teleman - 48 Chorale Preludes  vols. 1 & 2 - Riemschneider Eds.

Louis Vierne - 24 Pieces in Free Style

Healey Willan  - Six Choral Preludes - vols. 1-5 - Concordia

Dale Wood - Exultation - festive processionals - Sacred Music Press

Gordon Young - Preludes for Worship  - Volumes 1-x   Fred Bock Music

Grodon Young - 14 Pieces - Sacred Music Press

Survey information:  This survey was posted during March of 2001 on: OrganChat ( (, and NPM Users ( of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.  Disclaimer:  No endorsement is to be implied by any of these e-mail lists or organizations for the music listed on this page or for this web site.    Inclusions were usually the result of an edition being cited by multiple respondents.    If you have other editions on which you rely, that are not listed above, please e-mail your suggestions to:

Each week thousands of organists  supply  music for worship across a mind boggling range of locations in a diversity of worship venues.  Several are fortunate to be located in metropolitan areas with store front music retailers.  Others  may regularly use mail order suppliers who can provide a wealth of musical resources.  Some mail order suppliers are listed on the  OnLine "24/7" Sheet Music Stores  page.  Yet, even in this internet age  there are a multitude of organists who remain relatively isolated, with a limited number of scores, who are called upon to faithfully provide music each week.  These organists may be in a position to add a new collection of accessible literature to their repertoire every few months, via the mail, if they felt assured that the contents would be reasonably useful.   E-mails to my web site asking about functional repertoire prompted this informal survey to be posted on three prominent organ e-mail discussion lists and the posting of the results here.


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