Music Compositions

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Songs for Congregation:

My Soul Proclaims (Wondrous Love)-Magnificat I
My Spirit Cries Out (Bunnessan)-Magnificat II
Baptized, We Share in Christ's Death...
Lamb of God Litany
Various musical settings of mass texts

Choral Music:

Alleluia - created from the concluding section of the Credo from the Mass for 4 Voices (1651) by Claudio Monteverdi
Miserere Mei - Allegri - arr. for SATB
Hymn to the Trinity - choral setting of the Gloria text of the Mass
You Are Peter
Holy Jesus, You Are Born
Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Instrumental Music:

Obelisk - piano
Clouds - piano
Voluntary - organ
Chaconne - organ
Processional - organ
Purative - keyboard

If you e-mail a request to, any of these compositions can be e-mailed to you in Finale file format, or Microsoft Word file format as they become available.

Note:  You have permission to reproduce and use music compositions that are available from this website, during the time for which a composition remains available through this website, and usually without any fee for an individual, if you fulfill the following three conditions: 1.) permission is obtained through e-mail to the e-mail address below, and 2.) that music and/or words are reproduced complete "as is" without alteration, and 3.) that the copyright notice included with a composition is also reproduced in an appropriate place.

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