Toolbox of personal music hardware:

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Le petit "Grand Orgue":

The "haus orgel" at home, for practice and
other work, is an  Allen Protégé model C6  .

The "mighty beast", an Allen 301B of 25 year vintage,
which was the former "haus orgel"  replaced by the Allen C6.

Synths (Keyboards):

The office keyboard is a weighted action 88 key Yamaha S-08 synthesizer on a QikLok z-stand.

Two Alesis 6.1 61 note synthesizers, and sometimes a StudioLogic 17 note pedalboard discussed on the Pedal Synthesizer page, are also in the toolbox of music hardware.

Two Roland KC-300 keyboard amps, on two Ultimate speaker stands, provide sound for "elsewhere" performance.  AKG Headphones, Fostex monitors, or Alesis Studio II monitors and Alesis amps are used for home/office use.


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