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Compositions and Ordering

All of the published organ works of Dom Paul Benoit are still available. The published organ works of Dom Paul Benoit, originally available as 22 editions, are now contained in 12 editions involving three publishers:  Editions Combre, CCP/Belwin, and Art Sacré Clervaux.  Yet, "His published scores do not even represent half of his production" ...liner notes, p.18, from the 2 CD recording set "NATIVITÉ  ET  PACQUES  à l´abbaye de Clervaux, Dom Paul Benoît (1893-1979),  L´œuvre complète pour orgue".

Much gratitude to Leon Kerremans, Organist of the Church of Saint-Servais in Brussels for the original source information, address, and the  list of Dom Paul Benoit's organ compositions.  This current version was supplied by both Claude Christnach of Musek Wolf in Luxembourg City and Roger Riblet of the Librairie Art Sacré at the Abbaye Saint-Maurice, Clervaux

            5 Editions published by Combre - Paris:

PB 01   Elevations pour les Messes IX-X-XI (Combre-Paris)   -   312 LUF   $ 7.73 E   $ 8.30 US
PB 02   Elevations pour la Messe XI (Combre-Paris)   -   255 LUF   $ 6.32 E   $ 6.79 US
PB 05   2 Fantaisies pour orgue (Combre-Paris)   -   285 LUF   $ 7.07 E   $ 7.59 US
PB 09   Diptyque en l'honneur de Ste Therese (Combre-Paris)   -   225 LUF   $ 5.58 E   $ 5.99 US
PB 11   7 pieces pour harmonium ou orgue (Combre-Paris)   -   245 LUF   $ 6.07 E   $ 6.52 US

            2 Editions published by CPP/Belwin - England:

PB 08   50 Elevations... (CPP/Belwin-England, Fisher & Bro.  8323)   -   850 LUF   $ 21.07 E   $ 22.63 US
PB 15   60 Devotional Pieces (CPP/Belwin-England, Fisher & Bro. 9185)   -   600 LUF   $ 14.87 E   $ 15.97 US

            5 Editions published by Arts Sacré - Clarveaux (previously 15 items):

PB 21   Versets du Magnificat   -  750 LUF   $ 18.59 E   $ 19.97 US
PB 22   Pieces d'orgue pour l'annee liturgique, comprenant:   -   730 LUF   $ 18.10 E   $ 19.44 US
    (PB 03)   Au soir de l'Ascension du Seigneur (Fisher & Bro. 7934, 1943)
    (PB 04)   Noel basque (Fisher & Bro. 7961, 1943)
    (PB 06)   10 petites fugues sur des themes liturgiques (Societe anonyne Nancy)
    (PB 10)   4 preludes pour grand orgue (Fisher & Bro. 8509)
    (PB 12)   Pieces d'orgue (Fisher & Bro. 8774)
    (PB 16)   Esquisses liturgiques (Fisher & Bro. 9517)
    (PB 17)   Triptyque pour orgue (pro defunctis)
PB 23:   -   250 LUF   $ 6.18 E   $ 5.75 US
    (PB 07)   Suite liturgique pour Paques (Fisher & Bro. "Liturgical Suite for Easter" 8362, 8455, 8359, 8360)
    (PB 19)   Toccata sur Ite Missa est VIII
    (PB 20)   Offertoire sur la Sequence "Te Johannes"
PB 24:   -   500 LUF  $ 12.39 E   $ 13.31 US
    (PB 13)   Le Chant interieur (Fisher & Bro. 8841)
    (PB 14)   41 Elevations (Fisher & Bro. 8984)
    (PB 18)   Ode pour la paix, pour grand orgue (Fisher & Bro. 9286)
PB 25   Noel original avec 6 variations   -   250 LUF  $ 6.18 E   $ 5.75 US

Note: The "PB" numbers are edition numbers as per the list of compositions from the Abbaye St.-Maurice.  The "(PB)" numbers in parenthesis are previous seperate items now grouped into collections.  The previous Fisher&Bro. edition numbers are included for reference. Prices listed below were from Musek Wolfe (Luxembourg City) in Luxembourg (Belgan) Francs (LUF).  Added are the approximate equivalents for $ EURO and $ US - subject to minute daily fluctuation. Don't worry about the math, both the Musek Wolfe and your bank will work out the exact amounts at the time of the transaction - see "SWIFT" below.

Purchasing the scores:
MUSEK WOLF in Luxembourg City can sell all of the editions listed above - see ordering information below.  The  Art Sacré Clervaux Editions are published by the Librairie Art Sacré at the Abbaye Saint-Maurice in Clervaux - these editions contain much of what was available from J.Fischer&Bros.  All of these editions can also be purchased at the Librairie Art Sacré in Clervaux.  These two sources seem to be the only sources we know of for the "Art Sacré Clervaux" editions,  which contain a sizable portion of Dom Paul's work.  Many thanks to Dr. John C. Henderson for telling us about MUSEK WOLF.

Orders by e-mail preferred,
orders also accepted by fax and phone
(Luxembourgish, English,
Payment by bank SWIFT.
37, rue Félix de Blochausen
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Tel    352 480 411
Fax:  352 494 786

Ordering information for MUSEK WOLF:
What is "Payment by bank SWIFT"?  It works like this. Assume that I am in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. with U.S. dollars wanting to pay for an order in Luxembourg with Luxembourg Francs (or Euros).   The music dealer in Luxembourg e-mails/faxes me the cost of my order with the destination SWIFT account name and number to which my payment will  be sent.  I merely go to my bank's funds transfer window and write a check, or charge my credit card, for the amount in U.S. dolars, plus a  fee for the SWIFT service. The payment ends up at its destination in the account of the music dealer,  in Luxembourg Francs (or EUROS).  SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions. The current prices, as of February 2001, of individual editions will vary from around $21 EURO down to around $ 6 EURO ( $1 EURO = $0.931 US );  to purchase all twelve editions listed above, including shipping costs from Luxembourg City to Houston Texas USA for a 2.7 Kg package, was about $162 US (the included shipping was about $22.56 US);  prices subject to change;  this example does not include the bank SWIFT fee. To dial internationally  from the U.S. you will first dial 011 then the numbers as listed on this page.

"Librairie Art Sacré"
Roger Riblet
Abbaye Saint-Maurice et Saint-Maur
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
phone:   352  921  027
fax:        352  920 144
Orders via fax, in Luxembourgish helpful.
Payment in Luxembourg Francs or Euros.


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