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Recordings of Dom Paul Benoit's Organ Compositions

Complete albums of Dom Paul Benoit Organ Compositions:

1.  "Dom Paul Benoît - Pâques le chant intérieur", Carlo Hommel at Clervaux Abbey, Les Chemins du Baroque K617020, available from  Les Chemins du Baroque (France)  and another source  CD4 (Portugal)  .  The liner notes of this excellent CD provide much information. Contains: 17 pieces from "Le Chant Interieur", the first two elevations from the "50 Elevations"; "Suite Liturgique pour Paques"; "Alleluia du Samedi Saint, Premisses deJoies Pascales"; "Sortie sur 'Ite missa est'; Alleluia".  The pieces are preceded by the relevant plainsong sung by the Clervaux monks. [Many thanks to Dr. John C. Henderson for  information that this recording existed.] Before ordering this item, see recording number 2 listed below.

2.  NEW RELEASE:  "NATIVITÉ  ET  PACQUES  à l´abbaye de Clervaux, Dom Paul Benoît (1893-1979),  L´œuvre complète pour orgue", Carlo Hommel at Clervaux Abbey, Les Chemnis du Baroque K617116, available from Les Chemins du Baroque (France) This 2 CD set includes the material of "Pâques le chant intérieur" listed above as disc 2;  with disc 1 as new material (Nativité).  The CD Liner Notes Booklet contains a wealth of information about Dom Paul Benoit, his music, and about Carlo Hommel.  Note that the catalogue entry appears as "PACQUES ET NATIVITÉ".

NOTE:  When ordering from Les Chemins du Baroque, know that the web site is in French, with the English option being under construction.  If you are ordering from the USA, in the "PAYS" window you will select "Etats-Unis d'Amerique".  Paying by VISA or Master Card you will select the "Par CARTE Bancaire" option.  Your $US will be converted through the VISA/Master Card  transaction - isn't the technology great!  EURO dollars are valued just slightly less than US dollars ($1 EURO equals about $0.9 US - this changes minutely daily), so your $ US cost total will be just slightly less than the displayed $ EURO amount.  There are approximately 6.56 French Francs to a $1 EURO.  Some language helps for the "linguistically challenged":  Prenom = first name, Nom = last name, No = address number, Rue = street name, Code postal = zip code, Ville = city, state USA, ...other words will be contextually understandable.

Albums containing one or more tracks of Dom Paul Benoit's organ compositions:

3.  "LeBon Pasteur" as a single track on the 2 CD set   "In a Quiet Cathedral" ,  Todd Wilson, Delos DE 3145  available from the Organ Historical Society .

4.  "Alleluia du Samedi Saint des Joies Pascales, Ave Maria de Lourdes, Cinq versets sur Ave Maris stella", from Sept Piéces, Michael B. Hoerig organist on the 1909 Hinners at St. Martin’s RC Church in Martinsville, 2 CD set "Historic Organs of Milwaukee" OHS-90, available from the Organ Historical Society[Many thanks to Dr. R. J. Siegel, a source of information about Dom Paul Benoit, for noting the CD's sited as nos. 3 and 4, and for information about edition PB 07, now contained in PB 23 on the "Compositions and Ordering" page.]

5.  "Elevation, No. 30" as a single track on the 4 CD set "Historic Organs of Louisville" OHS-93, available from the Organ Historical Society .

6.  "Puer Natus Est", from Esquisses liturgiques for Organ, Robert Grogan organist at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C., "In Dulci Jubilo - Christmas Music for Organ", Gothic Records G49069, available form Yahoo! Music.



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