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 Cavaillé-Coll Organ at the Abbey of Clervaux

The organ for which Dom Paul Benoit wrote is a 23 rank three manual Cavaillé-Coll, dedicated in 1907 by Alexander Guilmant at the Paris Exhibition, possibly located in a structure known as the "petit Trocadero", and later moved to the Abbey at Clervaux after its construction in 1910.  The 3 manuals have a compass of 56 notes each and the pedalboard is of 30 notes.  The two pictures show Dom Paul at the console of the Abbey's Cavaillé-Coll.  The organ was used exclusively in the two albums recorded by Carlo Hommel listed on the recordings page of this web site.  To experience the sound of the Cavaillé-Coll instruments, visit the web site  Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, facteur d'Orgues 1811-1899 ,  mp3 samples are available to  hear various Cavaillé-Coll organs .

1st manual - Grand Orgue

16'            Bourdon
8'              Montre
8'              Flute harmonique
8'              Bourdon
4'              Prestant

2nd manual - Positif

8'              Salicional
8'              Cor de nuit
8'              Cromorne
4'              Flute douce
2 2/3'        Nazard
2'              Flautino

3rd manual - Récit

8'                Flute
8'                Gambe
8'                Voix céleste
4'                Flute octaviante
IV               Plein-jeu
8'                Trompette
8'                Hautbois

Present day Abbey of Clervaux


16'               Soubasse
8'                Basse

(Mechanicals unknown)

An old postcard of the Trocadero, yet the petit Trocadero remains a question.


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