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 R U A H   B R E A T H TM
Ruah, the breath of God, animating all of God's living

"...concerning ruah, we can say that the breath of God appears in them as the power that gives life to creatures. It appears as a profound reality of God which works deep within man. It appears as a manifestation of God's dynamism which is communicated to creatures."

Pope John Paul II;  Jan. 3, 1990             
רוח (Ruah) is the Hebrew word used by the Old Testament authors to mean "wind", "breath", and "spirit".  Ruah however was most specially understood by the Hebrews to be the "breath of God" present in all living, a distinct presence of God enabling life to be; the animating presence of God impelled by connection to breath, God's anima requsite for creatures to live. Humanity's first recorded encounter with God's Ruah is found in the first of the Five Books of Moses at Genesis 2:7,  "the LORD God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life (Ruah), and so man became a living being."


I.      The Hebrew's beliefs about the nature of God's Ruah
          What Catholic scripture scholars explain about the Old Testament understanding of Ruah

II.    Does this nature of God's Ruah remain valid today?
          The Hebrew's understanding of God's Breath is embraced in the writings of Pope John Paul II

III.   Resources and Links
          The full text of Pope John Paul II's writings cited in page II. above

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